Essential step-by-step guide to winning B2B customers

One of the biggest founder dilemma is “How do I grow my initial customer base?” As an early stage startup, many traditional growth channels are closed to you. You don’t have the members to help you grow virally, you don’t have the money to pay advertisements on Google or Facebook, you don’t have a story or traction for press, and you don’t have historical content for SEO. So what can you do?


With passion, drive and guidance here, there are some initial ways that you can kickstart your growth. By employing a progressive and agile outreach strategy, you can build a healthy sales operation from initial contact to deals closed. Learn how here. 

The Definitive 7 Step Guide to Starting a Content Strategy

Content marketing is a major acquisition channel for numerous companies. It can drive anywhere from 10% to 40% of traffic; this number can be even higher (70%+) for content and lead generation (lead gen) websites such as Nerdwallet and Credit Karma. Here, I’m sharing some ways to get started with this amazing growth channel.

The 4 Key Components of a Winning Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is part science, part art—there is no single best solution. Innovative technologies allow us to customize mail in new ways, and the USPS continually changes rates (usually raising them) and rules. However, a couple of things stay constant: Any direct mail campaign will include the four key components of list, offer, creative, and delivery. And at every stage, consistently A/B testing what you send and who you send it to will improve recipient response and lower your costs. 

Why Direct Mail Is Marketing's Hottest "New" Tool

With the continuing rise of online ad prices, companies are seeking additional, cost-effective user acquisition channels. Ironically, many technology companies that previously eschewed traditional marketing are now embracing one of its oldest forms, direct mail.


From B2B companies such as Square and Autopilot to B2C companies like Munchery and Handy, startups and larger companies alike are using direct mail extensively as a key acquisition channel. If you’ve paused on the shiny postcard in your stack of bills, or saved a discount code that appeared in your mailbox, then you already know: “mail is back.”

6 Tips for Optimizing Your Direct Mail Performance

You’ve heard that direct mail works—now how do you get the most out of it? Who should you send to? How do you send it? How do you measure? Overall, there are six key things to remember when launching a direct mail campaign.

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