Alight Labs is a leading growth consultancy hired by top companies to create solutions across a variety of areas including channel optimization, integrated marketing campaigns, lean startup methodologies, growth team establishments, and more. It was founded by Adelyn Zhou to help client companies adapt and adopt the powerful techniques employed by the top startup and technology companies of Silicon Valley and NYC.



In addition to access to our core team, Alight Labs is ready to leverage our extended network of experts to fulfill the needs of your special projects, ranging from investor pitch deck creation to operations fulfillment rollout. Contact us if a custom solution is the best fit for your business, and we’ll connect you to the top-shelf talent who’ll deliver what you’re seeking.




  • Marketing Strategy: Develop comprehensive marketing strategy for companies, divisions and product lines. Build holistic marketing strategies based on company goals and key metrics such as COA, CLV and brand awareness.

  • Website and Funnel Optimization: Increase conversion rate at every stage of a sales funnel, starting from the initial landing page(s) to final purchase confirmation. Identify bottlenecks and streamline the purchase and sales lead process.

  • Growth Initiatives: Employ the best-in-market "growth" strategies popularized by leading tech companies. Build and equip your team to create a high cadence growth engine: prioritize ideas, develop tests, experiment with hypotheses, etc.

  • Paid Acquisition Channels: Amplify paid marketing channels including SEM, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Explore the relevance of additional emerging online/offline marketing channels based on needs and target audience.

  • Analytics: Deploy analytics system and best practice measurements. Help team develop a tracking system and metrics to monitor. Designs custom reporting dashboards to measure performance against KPIs.

  • Customer Research: Develop user personas and deeper understanding of customer segmentations. Lead user testing and research for product market fit. Create a customer-focused product development process.

  • Additional Solutions: Retention marketing, email marketing, social media, direct mail, product marketing and more.


"Alight Labs is a top tier marketing firm. They know how to personalize and execute a successful growth strategy. Helping us establish our network as a leading brand in the health and wellness space -- from creation to launch, they identified and managed our first marketing and distribution channels. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a strategic and talented marketing partner."

- Drew Payne, SportUp


Adelyn was one of the most outstanding professionals I have ever had to work with. Her quick and analytical mind along with sincere enthusiasm were invaluable in our common efforts to grow the category business for which I was responsible."

- Dilia Bareeva Kamensky, Amazon


"Adelyn is definitely one of those super stars. She is the complete package: super smart, incredibly hard working, great instincts about what's important, a total team player, and someone who was always willing to support individual team members both personally and professionally."

- Gordon Strause, Nextdoor

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